laura franzmann’s (*germany) multidisciplinary practice, comprising painting,
drawing, textile work and installation, focuses on strategies of re-enchantment
and revolves around images of beings inhabiting the liminal space between
mythology, art history, artefacts, folkart, personal rites and dreams that derive from them.
through her work she explores the interconnections and relationships these beings
- animals, plants, mythological creatures, humans - are forming with each other.
they become the protagonists of her stories, and act as mediators between a desirable animistic
and post-patriarchal narrative and the affiliation in which they remain in the here and now.
In this the notion of embodiment and figuration play a crucial role, unveiling the fiction of historiography
and opening a pictorial and critical space to our social constructions.

2017 mfa, hfbk hamburg
2016 goldsmiths university of london
2015 bfa, hfbk, hamburg

2023 a woman’s tail, Förderverein Aktuelle Kunst e.V., Münster
2021 spring water tastes funny, Kunstverein Jesteburg
2020 it’s in the trees, it’s coming, Neue Barmbeker Apotheke, Hamburg
2019 it takes two, Galerie Wassermühle Trittau
2018 increase screen brightness, Plan Raum für Kunst, Hamburg

selection of group projects and shows
2023 lampenausstellung, Doom Spa City West, Berlin
2022 the house that mum built, Santos Road 32, London
2022 arbeitsstipendium für bildende kunst der freien und hansestadt hamburg 2020/21, Deichtorhallen Sammlung Falckenberg, Hamburg
2022 honeymoon, Tagente, Vasenthien
2022 parable of the moths, june, Berlin
2022 say hello, wave goodbye, Freiraum MKG Hamburg
2021 public relations, Studio Peragine, Hamburg
2021 nominees, Kunsthaus Hamburg
2020 shroom!, MMS off-space, Bremen
2020 twittering machine. positionen junger bildhauerinnen aus deutschland, Burg Galerie im Volkspark, Halle
2020 große eröffnung, Neue Barmbeker Apotheke, Hamburg
2020 corporate bodies, Pragovka Gallery, Prag
2019 school of expressions, Plato, Ostrava
2019 leikela editions, Michael Horbach Stiftung, Köln
2019 feminist sight #2 - seeing the city, Universität Hamburg
2018 bewerberinnen und bewerber für das arbeitstsipendium hamburg, Kunsthaus Hamburg

2022 stiftung kunstfonds - neustart kultur
2022 deutscher künstlerbund e.v. - neustart kultur 
2021 arbeitsstipendium für bildende kunst der freien und hansestadt hamburg
2020 hamburgische kulturstiftung
2020 dorit und alexander otto stiftung
2018 nomination hamburger arbeitsstipendium
2016 nomination hiscox kunstpreis
2016 daad travel grant
2016 art school alliance, alfred toepfer stiftung f.v.s. und karl h. ditze stiftung
2015 projectgrant freundeskreis förderung hfbk hamburg

since 2019 sammlung der sparkassen stiftung holstein