Others about my work:

Her artistic practice is shaped by a search for processes of appropriation and moves between different media such as drawing, sculptures and installations. Behind the reduced, aesthetic form is a research-based, substantive immersion.
This focuses, among other things, on the border zones of physical appearance and how they are represented. The concept of the figure is part of her specific interests, mainly because it offers a pictorial and critical space for our social constructions. Elements of transformations, costumes, physical „furniture“ and objects related to this practice are part of her deliberations. In this way she manages to combine expressive materials with complex, theoretical foundations. The strong tactility of the work does not appear as a fixed comment, but rather opens up areas of association between the work and an individual reading.

Me about my work:

The relationship between sculpture and image is very exciting for me. Some of my works make a clear distinction between image and image carrier but combine both in one object. Some of my works are translations of drawings into space, and still others are embodied drawings and pictures. The respective visual references are closely linked to the object and its cultural connotations with which they appear. Often these are images that show a specific process. On the other hand, I also use narrative, concrete images that then merge with the material.

As I approach a craft or a particular craft technique, other aspects flow into the resulting work: How was this technique used in the past and in different cultures? Which visual language does it specify, which aesthetics? How and what was communicated through this technique? I am aware that I will not fully master any craft that I have worked with so far, but I still want to experience it. Maybe this is about a certain form of authenticity. If I really want to talk about this craft and this object, then I have to understand it. The best way to learn, for me, is by trying something out myself, touched it myself.

Sewing not only creates closeness, it also illustrates what happens when something comes close to us, a relationship becomes closer, a being or object becomes familiar. The penetration of the fabric and the knotting of the threads is, so to speak, the reciprocal relationship that results in us feeling closeness.

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